About Us

Just For Kicks Dancewear entered the stage in August 2014 directed by dance instructor Emily Coppens.  In 2017, she danced her way off to Texas to grace another stage, passing on the lead roles to the Ferguson family.

And the Ferguson’s are…

…an eclectic, multi-cultural, homeschooling family of 4.  We love meeting people, learning new things, and being adventurous.  Our family is known for doing things differently and being a little geeky (and cheeky) but we’re told we can be a whole lotta fun!


Tanya is a jack of all trades, master of none, who loves to do all things creative.  Sewing is by far her favorite hobby!  She loves to help people and provide imaginative solutions to almost any problem you bring to her.  You’ll find her on the floor at J4K working to provide you with a cozy atmosphere and a positive shopping experience!

Reggie is by trade an Electrical Engineer, but by heart an easy going, charismatic guy who loves Kung Fu movies, politics, business, and traveling.  You’ll find him inviting with his warm nature and big smile, but be warned, he is a Caribbean siren with a gift for gab!



  Bella is an artistic soul who started dancing before she was born.  Every Reggae song started her tumbling and twirling in the womb!  In addition to dancing, she plays piano and just began taking singing and acting lessons.  She wants to be a scientist to pay the bills and an artist to fulfill her dreams.



Lily is the self-declared boss of Just For Kicks Dancewear, whose goal is to ensure every little customer has fun in the store, and becomes her new best friend!  She loves dancing, Capoeira, making friends, candy and getting you to let her play all the games on your cell phone!